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Hair Makeovers!

Hair Makeovers!

Hello Hello,

It’s been a minute…my name is Isabella Rodriguez; I am one of the founders of The Lab Girl & Co.

Many of you may know my story (if you do not, this link is for you ), well... all I can tell you is that it revolves around the hair.

Or maybe not my story in its entirety but my metamorphosis. The biggest breaking point of my life made me realize the importance hair has in one’s life and the importance of normalizing the struggle.


As individuals we have identities. Through our identities, we define who or what we are, and we express it. We express it in various ways and our hair is a key player in the definition of who we are. It can allow us to show what our feelings are, it can help us make statements, and it can even symbolize a new phase of life.


The possibilities with hair are endless. You just listen to your heart, identify your feelings, chose a makeover, and VOILA – New Hair, New you!


By the way, I did not discover Narnia with my realization, it has been a thing for many people for quite some time, and I have proof of it! Below you will find a list of celebrities who have changed their manes over the years for different reasons. Some to start fresh after a relationship, others for a new role or to symbolize a new phase in their lives. 


  • Demi Lovato: Demi has rocked all kinds of hairstyles, in November 2020, she chose a fierce pixie haircut with a side of hot pink shades to liberate herself from the past.


  • Miley Cyrus – Gave us some breakup makeover as she celebrated the New Year in 2020 showing off her new mullet.


  • Karol G – “La Bichota“ recently revealed her new little mermaid-inspired look but not before delivering a powerful message about breaking cycles, letting go, and embracing the unknown. Her green hair became a symbol, they made a green-haired barbie for God's sake. Can you beat that? I can’t wait to see where her red new mane takes her. 


  • We couldn’t leave out the one and ONLY, Britney Spears. Mental health is EVERYTHING people, and I would argue Britney is the perfect example of it. While going through a Divorce, she had a famous yet painful breakdown where she publicly shaved her hair among many other things. A heartache can take you to dark places and maybe getting rid of her hair was the ultimate cry for help.


  • Harry Styles chopped off his ponytail back in 2016 signaling the end of the One Direction Era and the beginning of his SOLO artist career.


  • Juan Pablo Raba shaves his hair off every time he finishes a character. He likes to reset after each production and open the gate for new opportunities.


  • The Magnificent Coco Channel knew the power behind a great haircut. One of her famous lines says, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” The trust and confidence that a new appearance gives can never be underestimated. A haircut is without a doubt a powerful transformation tool.


  • Men also cut their hair after a breakup, if you don’t believe me, ask The Weeknd. After his famous separation from Bella Hadid, Abel surprised the world with a brand-new look.


  • Katy Perry thought us that whoever asks for a divorce via text message deserves to be literally cut off. After her unexpected split from Orlando Bloom, Katy surprised her fans by revealing her new hairstyle.


I will never get tired of repeating this phrase “Never underestimate the POWER of HAIR”. Honor your hair, pamper it, and take care of it.

Hair affairs give us endless possibilities to be who we want to be and express it. We are here to help you build a strong timeless relationship with your mane.

You already know at The Lab Girl & Co; we create hair care you CANNOT resist. So, don’t fight the urge, we got you! Until next time my dears.


Yours truly,


Isabella, xoxo


P.S: Don’t forget to share your stories with us. We love to hear from you!

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