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The Power of Hair

The Power of Hair

I have been staring at a blank word page, deciding if I should write this blog as Isabella Rodriguez using the pronoun “I” or using “we” as The Lab Girl & Co, but then I thought I am both. I am “we” because the Lab Girl & Co was born out of love, love for our hair, and a friend. Love and fear living into my soul after thinking my mane would disappear while I was wearing out my mind, body, and soul to survive the most challenging moment yet. The same fear we face when a relationship ends. 


This time around, it was the relationship with myself that was going through a phase, and it made me realize the importance of a healthy and sustainable hair affair; One with strong roots, nourishing our soul, and in search of our inner POWERMENT to blossom. TLG is about "us", "we", or "I", this is a space for every girl (or boy) who has struggled with hair problems along the way or that obsesses about rocking a good hair day every day. 


Sadly, WE have noticed that many people are unaware of the bigger picture. When we decide to take care of our hair, we are not only honoring a relationship with ourselves.  Hair is a potent symbol of identity, history, science, and art. 

 Have you ever wondered about the relationship between hair and fur, hair and history, hair and health, or hair and basic biology?  Many have worked with hair in various ways, ways that transcend the walls of a barbershop, a hair salon, or maybe a great cut. This realization made us understand why people obsess about their hair even without understanding the reason (s) behind that obsession.

So, here WE are…in a safe space where we can understand and honor the history of hair. A space to learn where it comes from, where WE come from. Hair grows out of our skin. If we want a good relationship with it, we need to begin by taking care of it the same way we take care of our skin. Let’s honor our roots, history, and biology by finding the perfect hair rituals to nourish our scalp and fall deep into this affair.  Why only have a love affair if you can also have a hair affair? Never settle for less. WE are here to guide you every step of the way.

Yours truly,

A lab girl who understands what it is like to struggle with hair.

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