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Did you know that letting your hair blow in the wind is a crime in Iran? 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died last month at the hands of the “morality police”.

On September 13 – this young girl was detained by the agency in charge of enforcing Iran’s strict dress code claiming she had an “inappropriate attire”.

Three days later she died at the hospital. The police claims it was a heart attack. However, her family denies a heart condition and her brother (who was with her at the time of arrest) says he heard screaming before the ambulance came to pick her up. 

Her death set off the most widespread protests Iran’s rulers have faced in years. Demonstrations have spread-women removing the hijab and cutting their hair- and people all over the world are demanding justice. The United States has officially imposed sanctions on Iran and is requesting accountability. 

After almost a month and hundreds of deaths due to the protests Ayatollah Khamenei gave his first remarks on the unrest. As expected, he fully supported security forces and claims to be “deeply heartbroken” by this “bitter incident” provoked by Iran’s enemies. 

Mahsa lost her life because she allegedly misplaced her hijab, and her hair was showing.

Imagine living in a place where your freedom is so restricted that feeling the breeze in your hair is illegal.

We deserve to express ourselves however we deem fit. Mahsa Amini’s story once again has me thinking about the symbolism hair has in history and religion.

There is so much work to be done. Sending strength to all the women in Iran who are risking their lives claiming life, dignity, and freedom.

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