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We like to think of the Heart of the Lab Girl & Co as the place where one finds its purpose. The place where one gets inspired to search deep within one’s soul to live with a POWERMENT heart in search of light. What is POWERMENT? You may ask. POWERMENT is the POWER one has within to transform, to be inspired, and to evolve. If you are reading this, it’s because you are already a Lab Girl. Lab Girls are committed to finding the POWER of hair while inspiring others to do the same. Lab girls give back to the community, as they understand helping others find their POWERMENT will revolutionize the world. This is why we need your help. Please help us spread the POWER of hair…and discover the magic along the way.


 Have you ever paused to wonder about how having a “bad hair day” makes you feel? We certainly have, and the answer is always the same: “CRAPPY HAIR, CRAPPY MOOD.” Rocking a good hair day gives you a shine like no other. 

Hair is culture, is identity, is movement, changes, is art, is a symbol, is history, HAIR IS POWER. 

The state of your hair can affect your state of mind and vice versa. The state of your hair can dictate the mood of your day. How your hair looks can determine your attitude in a business interview. A movie character can change just by changing the style of the hair. Our hair allows us to transform into many different versions of ourselves -in real life or into the best of our fantasies. For instance, one of the most popular hair looks is the “care-free” beach waves (because it takes us immediately to a stress-free environment). Who does not want to feel or look stress-free?

 In some cultures or religions, hair is a powerful symbol; hair can even be banned or used as a symbol of “sexuality.”

Lastly, why do you think people hesitate to cut their hair? Well...getting a new haircut means getting a new identity, and some changes are never easy to make. Are they?

Please allow yourself 5 seconds to close your eyes and reflect on how you felt the last time you made a change to your hair. We take so many things for granted, and our hair is one of them. 

The time to embrace the influence hair has and make a change in our daily routines is NOW. Falling deep into a hair affair will only make your days happier; we guarantee it. The Lab Girl & Co was born with a sole mission: to inspire power-loving women to experience the magic of falling deep into a hair affair. We have experienced personally how losing hair can impact our hearts and souls. This is why TLG’s universe is about unleashing your POWERMENT – the light within you- using your hair as a tool of force. 

Why only have a love affair if you can also have a hair affair? right?