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The Lab Girl & Co is a hair care brand inspired in modern and power-loving women who like to take care of their hair but also struggle with it every day. We focus on developing clean products that will transform your hair & scalp health. Our commitment: create long lasting solutions for everyday problems.  

People tend to underestimate the power our hair has in our daily lives. But the state of your hair can affect your state of mind and vice versa. Women struggle every day with hair problems and that’s why we created The Lab Girl & Co.

Our hair is a SYMBOL, a way of expression, and personal identity: and this is exactly what TLG is about- Discovering and embracing the Power of Hair!

Have you ever really paused to wonder about the POWER of hair? Throughout history, people have used hair as a means to expression, wealth and even social status. Now days, hair is mainly used a symbol, a way of expression art and personal identity. We use cuts, colors and textures to signify who we are to the world and most importantly, how we see our selves. We spend time and money creating the look that best expresses our individuality. But for men and women experiencing hair loss, their identity and sense of self may be negatively impacted.

Our mission: to transform your relationship with your hair. 

Because, why only have a Love affair when you can also have a Hair, right?