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About us

The Lab Girl & Co is a hair care brand inspired in modern and power-loving women who like to take care of their hair but also struggle with it every day. We focus on developing clean products that will transform your hair & scalp health. Our commitment: create long lasting solutions for everyday problems.

Our mission

People tend to underestimate the Power our hair has in our daily lives. Yet so many individuals struggle with all kinds of hair problems. In fact, we have experienced it at a personal level. At TLG we understand that, we embrace it, and we want our clients and our community to be able to experience on a daily basis the confidence one feels and irradiates when one rocks a Good Hair Day Every Day.

We want you to fall in love with your hair

We know it's often a complicated relationship. But... Why only have a Love affair when you can also have a Hair affair?


Meet our Lab Girls

The creative minds behind The Lab Girl & Co are Valentina, a chemical and environmental engineer, who studied in France, and Isabella, who has a B.A in Legal Studies+ International Studies. Both originally from Cali, Colombia and have been best friends since 1998. 

Two Soul Friends were lucky to find Monica Fonseca in their entrepreneurial journey. A true advocate that has dedicated her life to empowering women. She is not only our partner, she is also our mentor and role model.

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Hair is culture, is an expression of creativity, is power and that is reflected in our products.

Valentina Gómez, CEO The Lab Girl